Hopes – updated

Someone told me, right before the holidays:

“I have hopes. And that’s what the cycles are for, right? That with the end of something we can hope for new things. So, if nothing else, I hold myself to the hope that a new cycle is beginning and new things can come – good news – watching over us. And I hope you also have hopes. You should. You ought to. I wish all good things can reach you, right in the corner of the new year.”

Well, the year has started. And I’m reaching out for new things.

I remember last year I was sad and emotionally weak by this time.

A few things improved and others got even worse. But I got stronger and I feel happy and peaceful, despite of everything.

Today I met a friend during smoking break and she asked me how I was and how I spent the holidays. She is a nice friend, very mature.

I said and I got even happier because I felt it coming from inside : “Oh, I’m fine. You know, I didn’t go to any party but I felt so good because I feel strong and happy, despite of how things are developing. ”

And she replied: “Oh, I feel the same way and that’s so good!” . And we hit each other hands 🙂 .

So I can only hope for the best and I do.

And I got the sweet implicit message above. No need to say anything else.

My hopes are not turned for what I can’t have because it’s part of an ended cycle [ Why sometimes it just don’t feel like ended? Why? Why? ].

I know [ do I? ].

It’s up to me now.


One thought on “Hopes – updated

  1. leafless says:

    A new year, a new reason to be hopeful. 🙂

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