I found this picture in a brazilian blog.
It comes with a text I agree almost completely.
The author begins showing her disappointment when she found out that José Saramago is married to a woman who is 4 decades younger than him and also beautiful.
She expected him to be married to an older lady.
Disappointed but not surprised, she continues saying that besides being a great writer, he is also a man, and men prefer young beautiful women.
Pilar, Saramago’s wife, is also an interesting woman, according to the author.
I agree when she says this behavior of men is instinctive and can’t be condemned.
And we women also have attraction by the physical attributes of men, but what we listen comes before what we see.
It means, if the guy says the right thing he will take it, no matter how he lacks physical attributes.
No doubt about it. We tend to be less superficial and treat physical attributes superficially, and not as reasons to invest in a relationship.
I wouldn’t dare to translate the whole text here, but I don’t think this behavior is unanimous anymore.
There are a few points out of the graphic curve, who still need and search for physical attributes but also consider what comes inside the package. I personally know a few, very few, it’s true….
I personally think that we women need a better attitude about this facts.
We don’t have to worry about looking like girls in the magazines. Everyone has a personal looks scale from worst to best look [I’m not considering plastic surgery]. If it feels like looking better, do it, but first of all to please your own.
And if someone says he finds you attractive, believe it, accept it. Don’t spoil everything talking about what you dislike about yourself. Attraction is very personal. What pleases one may be totally unpleasant for someone else.
Don’t dislike anything. If you’d feel better and there’s an improvement available, do it. But don’t expect becoming a better person. And don’t forget what comes inside.

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