Open Letter to a Secret Friend

It’s been a long time I know you now.
My feelings for you remain unchanged…just the way I feel and think about them is different.
It has been happy and hopeful, then it became frustrating and sad for a while.
The time we’ve been away from each other, I worked on keeping it light.
I’m done with the negative feelings that came from it. It doesn’t feel bad anymore.
You’re just here like me trying to do your best and be happy.
You’re a fantastic person and will always be…I’m sure.
I don’t have to hate you to get over it.
I have to deal with it myself and I know I can.
But it takes some time to heal completely.
You know, I twisted my ankles uncountable times.
It takes some time to recover but it always get good again.
Sometimes, while healing, I think I’m already good but then on a different move it still hurts.
It’s the same about you.
When you were away it felt like I could be just your friend and not be affected by your presence,
and that it could slowly replace the feelings I have for you.
Now we talked again so closely I’m not so sure I can handle this friend thing well.
I mean, not yet.
But I’m doing my best, really.
I wanted to tell you that I’m working on it and how it feels, but I couldn’t.
Like always you made everything around me stop.
And I melted by the things you’ve said. You’ve hit it right on the spot. As always.


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to a Secret Friend

  1. Piraboy says:

    It seems that it’s not hurting that much anymore as you said in the “Blanks” post before (

    That’s good, it means that Déia is getting better and better…


  2. mimulus says:

    Define better.
    I wrote this when my mind was working .

    Déia is going nuts 🙂

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