Drawing Therapy

When I was younger I used to draw a lot, mainly reproducing pictures with pencil.

There’s been a long time since I don’t draw anything, except by a few small ones at the side of pages when I’m writing something.

I found the dragon drawings at the Fortune Cookie link very beautiful and felt like drawing them. I also found out that I didn’t have any white paper and pencil 😦 . I only had notebooks and pens. Then, notebook and pen it is.

The one based on the link was a disaster:

And based on the same idea I did this other one:

It relaxes mind because it requires focus and patience. A real therapy for me. I’ll buy some paper and pencil to do it more. No matter how good or bad the drawings look.


And then:



  1. Piraboy Said:

    Hi Déia,

    Now I know why you want to go to China! You are practicing to get a job in the other side of world, right? It seems that they are very respected in that country. Do you want my opinion about the drawings? Well, I didn’t like the dragons (although they’re good for tatoos), the two little pigeons… well, what nose is that? Aff… And the boat lost in the sea sounds good. Yes, you may continue drawing, specially because it’s good for your mind.


  2. mimulus Said:

    Thanks for opinions!
    The 1st dragon is a disaster because I tried to reproduce what is in the Fortune Cookie site.
    The second is mine.
    I like the couple more, though I need to practice more proportion and anatomy.
    Btw, who said I want to go to China?
    I don’t, unless for visiting.

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