Muriel’s Wedding Scene

My friend told me he sent me Muriel’s Wedding on DVD. It’s not arrived yet but thanks, thanks, thanks!
I saw it years ago and I love that movie.
It’s the kind that is good having home to watch every now and then.
The funniest scene for me is this one [maybe one of the funniest scenes ever]:


2 thoughts on “Muriel’s Wedding Scene

  1. Piraboy says:

    Hello, Déia!

    I liked “House of Déia”
    Regarding to the DVD, I’m thinking about going to Campinas tomorrow, so I pass by your house and leave it with you. If you have plans, don’t change them. I leave the DVD with the doorman, ok?
    On the other side, if I don’t go to the civilization, I send it on Monday.


  2. mimulus says:

    Ok. Too much information in your comment…tsc tsc
    Do you want people to discover me?
    Why don’t you say the address next time?
    Just kidding.

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