Love and Human Relations

There are things that I can’t prove or discuss with anybody but I believe in them completely. I don’t have any doubt, I don’t need any proof, I simply believe.

I don’t belong to any religion but I totally believe in God, in reincarnation and in karma.

I respect all the other points of views and have friends with many different beliefs, even atheists. So I never discuss these subjects.

I think everybody comes to our lives for a reason, a reason that affects both sides, and some superior forces control the circumstances where it happens. Everybody, friends, loved ones, family, enemies, everybody.

We all look for people we can identify ourselves with. People who can accept and understand us, even if they are very different from us. Friends are like that. Friends support, accept and understand us unconditionally. I think their main role and ours in their lives is giving support and advising each other.

With true friends, we can always act sincerely, without worrying about acceptance and understanding. In fact we usually share things only with those we believe in advance that will accept and understand us, no matter what. Somehow, it doesn’t help us growing much, because it can only make us stronger.

I think the only thing that can make us grow and evolve is Love.  Masculine-Feminine relationship [ I’m straight but I guess homosexual relationships have a masculine and a feminine side also].

It’s the only thing that can bring us the fullest happiness and also the deepest suffering. The only thing that can really show us how imperfect and fragile we are. Love shows us that human relations are not the same as business relations, where you can demand your rights, demand explanations, set rules, sue someone for acting wrong or lying to you.

In Love we can never be compensated for being hurt like in a legal process where the judge decides how much the charged side must pay to the damaged one. And also, nobody can really demand and guarantee that we are going to act the way they expect. No matter what was said before.

Everybody can hurt and get hurt in Love. Everybody, no matter how much a great person he/she is.  Love can only succeed if we can accept the other as someone imperfect and accept our own imperfection. And that there are no guarantees of happiness at all. Never ever.

The pain of loss is the same if the person has always been great with you or cheated on you. The pain of getting away from the loved one. The difference are other feelings that come at the same time, depending on the situation, making things confuse.

So, considering all of it, all I have to say for those who once came to my life is:

I love you.

Forgive me for anything I may have done.

Thank you.


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