Fighting for it or fighting hope?

Today a friend e-mailed me telling how she got her heart in a thousand pieces after running across her ex-boyfriend at a restaurant. She said he was polite and nice but she knew for sure there’s no way back with him.

I answered her e-mail telling her that I wish she can overcome it soon. I told her to remember all good things she lived in life before she even knew he existed and that there’s always good things to come in life. I know that expressing what she feels, writing about it, it’s much more helpful than any advice someone could give her.

Then I started thinking about my own situation, which I haven’t overcome. I’m not even trying indeed. I just got used to it.  Also, I’m not in pain about it like my friend. Why? Because there’s a tiny little hope still alive. And I think it’s much easier, no matter how painful, to overcome anything when you don’t have any more hope. At least for me it is. Even a remote hope can make me think there’s still something to fight for.

I know this friend for many years now. We were co-workers a few years ago and now I sometimes visit her but we communicate most on the phone and through e-mails. We remain very close, always supporting each other. Today she helped me much more than she could wonder and that I wish I could help her. She made me see what doesn’t allow me to overcome: hope.

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