En Passant

There are many people who I talk to on a daily basis and have a friendly relationship. And there are very few people that I’m very close to and trust them completely. And there are still those people who I’d love to get closer but they are not open to it. I never insist. I see that insisting is a common behavior of some friends of mine and also other people.

I find it an endless amusement getting to know more and more about reserved interesting people. Specially when they are the ones to reveal something spontaneously.

 I’m not talking about personal details like who is dating who or other things like that. It’s about their very essence.

The more reserved those people are the more interesting they become to me. Some may find it a lack of interest that I don’t insist on knowing more. I have already been told of people who got closer because one of the parts was the insisting type, always asking questions, inviting, sharing personal matters. I’m just not like that. I mean, I make the social talking like everybody else. I congratulate when something good happens to someone I know. I express my feelings if something sad happens. I just don’t cross this social limit if I feel the person is not open to it.

A great irony is that It always happens to me getting to know things by hearing “en passant”, like two other people talking next to me, details I observe, what makes me connect things. I keep it all for me, of course, I’m not a gossiper.  I was wondering: if I become the type that asks many questions and tries to approach more will it stop happening? I don’t know. Maybe it’s my secret interest that “attracts” it.

All I know is it’s happened uncountable times to me.

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