Dry Law

Now in Brazil the tolerance of blood alcohol concentration for drivers is 0.2 g/l.

As if the violence, caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or whatever were limited to our roads and streets traffic. And as if the people who commit the worst violence acts were the kind who worry about getting a fine or being arrested. Ridiculous.

Brazil is a ridiculous country. I’m brazilian, I can tell. And this is still a democratic space.

This ridiculous attempt of control over citizens scares me. I’m afraid of what else can come in the future. I’m afraid of how these laws are being imposed on us one by one, with almost no serious reactions.

Yesterday was the last day of the training I attended this week. A friend from work gave me a ride home every night after the training. Though, after the training session finished everybody wanted to go out to drink. I was very tired and couldn’t think of anything else but my hot shower and my red sofa. But as my friend wanted to go drinking I thought it would be very indelicate not to join her on it. That’s what friends are for too.

So we went, around 30 people, a nice group. The first thing mentioned when we arrived the place was the Dry Law. Everybody discussing it. Except me. I avoid discussions about things that annoy me specially when I’m tired. We went there to drink and everybody decided not to or almost not to. It got really boring after a short while. I had a beer and as the place was very close to where I live, I got a ride with the first one who left the group to go home. My friend was already engaged in a chat and I didn’t need to worry about her getting upset about it.

That this law is useless I’m sure. I’m not sure how long it will last, it’s probably depending on becoming or not a profitable deal for the government, like a tax we had for many years until very recently over banking transactions.

I’ll end with a quote i found here: “Real women don’t drink light beer.” This one fits it much better though:

“Prohibiton makes you want to cry into your beer, and denies you the beer to cry into.”
  Source: Don Marquis, 1878-1937, American journalist


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