Not my 100 %

This Sunday I went to my home town to visit my family [my parents, human sisters, cat siblings 🙂 ].

I got melancholic in my way back, thinking about the problems they are facing and that I can’t do much to help by now.

They are all I have for sure in this world. I don’t know for how long. If they are not okay, there’s no way I can be okay.

And this will be a specially busy week for me, with the training I’m attending after work.

I’m used to always being the one who is supportive to friends in need and I got surprised yesterday when I had just arrived at the office and a friend came to me and asked: “Is everything alright? You don’t look very well today.”  I got surprised because she is not a friend I talk everyday. We just talk occasionally.

Then today another friend [this one much closer] said in our smoking break, suddenly, in the middle of our talking: “You are not your 100% this week, are you? “.

I had to admit. I’m not 100%. Maybe 70% of what I use to be. I’m happy and optimistic by nature but this kind of problems really affect me. I hadn’t notice how much I felt different until these two friends talked to me about it. It’s comforting having someone that notices and asks if something is going wrong. It’s just that I’m not used to being on the other side of it.

I’ll be fine soon 🙂 .


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