A Warm Heart and Pancakes

Yesterday I had a tough day. I spent all the afternoon dealing with a burocratic problem. I felt like I left the office 5 years older than when I came in, as if I weren’t old enough by that time.

This morning I was home working to compensate those hours away, lost in thoughts and feelings that were specially bringing me down today. It was not a good start for a day. Then a friend called and told me she was bringing me some pancakes she made from scratch. OMG, I couldn’t believe she did it! I mentioned to her casually this week that pancakes are my favorite food and my mother makes them every time I visit her. Yummmmiiii! And they came just in time. My fridge was totally empty and this is the day I go grocery shopping 🙂 . It’s very good for the heart having friends like this.

Sometimes I feel tired of believing that what I’m searching for is possible. But it doesn’t take much to bring me up again. I’m an incurable optimist. And I’m blessed with friends that do much more than it takes [it was not intentional to rhyme with pancakes :)].

Then to finish the day in a perfect way, I took myself to see Sex & The City which is surprisingly in the movies near my place. I loved it, it’s a very suspect opinion since I’m a big fan of it. But I love the way it shows Love is what can take us to the most intense moments of our lives, happy or sad. It’s not a fairy tale at all.

This day is ending much better than it started. Not as happy as it could be but much better. The important is having the strength and the warm heart it takes to keep going for better days…and nights.


2 thoughts on “A Warm Heart and Pancakes

  1. Piraboy says:

    So you like pancakes? So in the “never-wait-for-this” day, when you finally come to visit us, we’ll do pancakes for u, cause we love it too (and we do know how to prepare them). As to the movies, glad you finally watched it (and better yet, next to home). I know I had said I would go with you, but problems with my health made me change the plans. Hope you have a fine Sunday.


  2. mimulus says:

    Hey, my dear friend! I’m still here www-ing :).
    I will visit you. Believe me.
    I hope you’re feeling better and things are under control now..
    Have a nice Sunday you both! Kisses

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