Roberto Freire

A few weeks ago the brazilian writer and psychoanalyst Roberto Freire died at the age of 81.

I’ve read a few of his books: Cléo e Daniel, Coiote and Ame e Dê Vexame.

I dare trying to translate a few phrases from his books here that have touched me forever:

“…é o amor, e não a vida, o contrário da morte.”

“…it’s love, and not life, the opposite of death.” 

Portanto, nada temos a temer do amor, pois ele estará sempre em nós, inteiro e pronto para ser vivido quando for chegado o momento. Uma vez liberto, ele nos fará amar tão satisfatória e naturalmente como respiramos, procriamos, nascemos e morremos. O que geralmente nos falta é a coragem de exercer a necessária liberdade para isso.”

“Therefore, we have nothing to fear about love, as it will always be inside us, complete and ready to be lived when the moment arrives. Once it is free, it will make us love so satisfactory and naturally as we breath, reproduce, get born and dead. What we generally miss is courage to take the necessary freedom for that.”

Porque tu me amas, eu não preciso de ti. Porque te amo, tu não precisas de mim. Somos um para o outro, deliciosamente desnecessários.”

“Because you love me, I don’t need you. Because I love you, you don’t need me. We are deliciously unnecessary for each other.”



  1. Piraboy Said:

    Hi Mimulus,

    I think I know what you could do if for some reason you receive an official notice that you have been fired from your job: book translator!
    You should dare trying that more often…

    Cool 🙂

  2. mimulus Said:

    Translating is a very delicate job. But thanks for your opinion!

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