picture of a shopping mall reopen at Ankara –

I have a childlike side that gets insanely angry when something I planned cannot happen the way I want.

My adult part understands the reasons very well but the child side cannot listen to any explanation, whatever it is [no, I don’t have multiple personality disturb :), at least it has never been diagnosed so far ].

I had planned to go to the movies today, which happens to be in a shopping mall, to see Sex & The City.

I invited some friends but I knew all of them would not be interested. Most women I know strictly relate going to the movies with a date and usually only go with a date and not with a friend. I already expected that. That’s okay, not angry yet so far. The only male friend I know that likes it is married and it would not be a good idea to invite him 🙂 .

As I do not relate movies to dates, I planned to go alone today, in a session closest to lunch time as possible [usually empty and unlikely to have one of those jerks who answer the cell phone or keep checking calls during the session].

I’d just showered and got dressed to go out when I remembered it will be our Valentine’s Day next Thursday [in Brazil it’s on June, 12th]. It means the usually crowded shopping mall will be unbearably even more crowded. And it happens that to get to the movies one is supposed to cross the mall.

I had to give up. There’s nothing I hate most than crowded shopping malls. I go to the malls when I need but I pick up a week day [like Monday] to go. And usually I go straight to the store I know that has what I want and strictly to buy things I can’t buy on the internet [how many times can I use the word strictly in a post?]. I avoid going before special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

On Christmas I open exceptions and I enjoy the decoration, though I can’t stay very long until it starts getting on my nerves.

I believe that if there is a Hell it looks like a crowded shopping mall. I’m sure of it.

I usually don’t see those movies of the commercial circuit but this one I like the tv serie and want very much to go. Fortunately the kind of movies I like I find in a movie very near the place I live [8 blocks far indeed], which happens to be inside a calm and small shopping mall. This movie is not the kind they usually exhibit.

And my child side doesn’t wanna hear about it or see anyone.

She is very angry because she won’t see her movie today :). She will have to wait until next weekend.


3 thoughts on “Angry

  1. Piraboy says:

    I hate people too…

  2. Piraboy says:

    Oh yes, I hate you too! hahahahahahahahaha

  3. mimulus says:

    Hello, bitchy! You can never hate me enough 🙂

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