I don’t classify people as right or wrong. There’s no possible unanimity of what is right or wrong.

 I think there can be only bad or good people. Both make mistakes. The difference is that bad people never care about the consequences of their acts and good people always do.

Sometimes things go wrong among good people and they can’t understand each other anymore.  And they have to turn that page and follow separate ways. But they will still be good people in their own ways.

I became more tolerant with people with age but I know when somebody can’t take me as a friend anymore. That doesn’t turn me or the others into bad people. Friendship is not about agreeing all the time. It’s much more about affinity and tolerance. When tolerance ends no friendship can exist anymore.

No one can be half son of a bitch or ex-son of a bitch. People can only care or not about what they do.



  1. Piraboy Said:

    Hi Mimulus,

    Although I gave you the authorization to remove the original comment, I didn’t think you would do that. So I take back all I said before because you prefer to place the elephant in the parlor…

    And you might be happy then.


  2. mimulus Said:

    Hi, dear. Yes, I removed but I totally agree with you :).
    Thanks for your comments [both]. I didn’t have time to leave a message when I deleted.
    I don’t prefer the elephant in the parlor, but I don’t wanna mess with the crazy elephant :).

  3. leafless Said:

    I don’t believe in such things as a good and bad person. We are each a combination of the two. You may perceive someone as bad; others may not. It’s all about perception.

  4. mimulus Said:

    Hi, leafless! Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, I agree with you about the perception. But I wrote this based on my perception of people. I perceive them as good or bad, in the very essence, not as right or wrong.
    And both make mistakes. But I believe only good people care.
    And I agree we are a combination of the two. Just some of us try not to make the evil side prevail.

  5. BlueEyes Said:

    Hey Leafless (where did you get this nick from?), that’s the reason I use another “parameter” to classify people: gay and not gay. The person cannot be a “combination of the two”: or he/she is straight, or he/she isn’t, right? And usually, you don’t need to be very “wise” to perceive that. Of course, you can go further if you think this way: “Oh, is she a good gay? Or a bad gay?” In that case, you’ll get crazy since it’s the same thing to answer that old question “who came first? The chicken or the egg?”


  6. mimulus Said:

    Hey, BlueEyes!
    My perception tells me you are such an evil :).
    Welcome, this is a democratic blog.

  7. Piraboy Said:

    Evil? Or Not Evil?
    Gay or Not Gay?
    God or Bad?
    Right or Wrong?
    Yes, Hamlet, you are right…
    “To be or not to be, that’s the question”


  8. mimulus Said:

    You’re an evil bitchy person too… that I love hating:).


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