Nobody Is Normal…

…when you get closer. This phrase is from Caetano Veloso, a well known brazilian composer, and in Portuguese it is: “De perto ninguém é normal.”, which sounds much better by the way.

I feel like a magnet to confirm Caetano’s statement.

All my life, usually unexpectedly and on uncountable times, something bombastic was revealed when I was getting closer to someone.

Last night I got a sad revelation of a friend from work I’ve been hanging out with lately.

I don’t feel comfortable to expose it here, though I know only close friends read it.

I don’t know if it’s my karma or something about me creates such an empathy that makes people feel like telling me these kind of things. Most of the times it’s something difficult but possible to be solved and if I can I give some advice. The most important I can offer though is my support as a listener.

Like Jane Austen said, “advice is good or bad only as the event decides”. I separate myself very well of somebody else’s problems so it usually doesn’t affect me. This time it involves really awful trouble. He didn’t intend to tell me this but something happened while we were together and he felt like explaining it to me.

For me it’s like he turned himself into two distinct people. The one I knew before and the one I know from now on.

I got sad for him and won’t be able to ignore it or pretend it’s normal when we talk again.
It must be quite a relief for him just sharing something tough with someone else at least. And I’m someone with a relevant experience on it, I mean, not in the problem itself, in sharing it. 


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