Sex & The City

Last night I watched an episode of Sex & The City that I hadn’t seen, can’t tell from what season it was.

I love it, so any episode is fine for me.

Carrie went out with her boyfriend, Berger, and the girls. Miranda had a date a few days before and the girls asked her about it. She answered she was waiting the guy to call which hadn’t happened yet. Then girls started each one giving a possible excuse for that: “He might be busy.”, “He might be waiting a few days not to show interest.” and things like that.

Then Berger simply said: “He is not that much into you.”, which cause some embarrassment among the other girls, not Miranda.

He continued: “Seriously. You’ll probably get an uncomfortable e-mail with a stupid excuse in a few days.”

The girls tried to make other excuses but Miranda took it very well. She said: “He is not into me. And it’s fine!”

And she thanked Berger for saving her time wondering about it.

Then 2 days later she got the e-mail and just smiled.

Oh, my God, it’s just a TV show, but it’s so so true. I thank Berger too 🙂 .


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