The Part And The Whole

[No, this is not about the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg. I’m not qualified for that 🙂 ]

Today I had lunch with a friend at work and she, like me, hates being surrounded by a crowd all the time.

She is married and we have many common friends and we are very like minded in many ways.

Like me, she likes to keep her privacy protected and doesn’t feel comfortable to discuss personal matters easily. As we are best friends and very close, we can count on each other for that and usually do that during lunch time. But our common friends, including her husband, say we are kind of weird, that we run away from people. We laugh together a lot about it.

Most people do the opposite. They feel much better surrounded by many other people all the time or as long as they can.

It’s not that I don’t do that too. I do, in fact I’m very easy going and can start conversation with different kind of people. I just don’t avoid the lonely moments.

I was thinking about it. It’s a good escape indeed. Maybe many people avoid that unique sensation of being yourself for much long.

I think while we are involved in many activities and surrounded by other people we forget that sensation, we kind of mix with everything else around. The part becomes the whole.

Being alone inevitably takes to that sensation of being a unique part, the sensation that no one else in the world can have or share with you, the awareness of who you are.

True friendship and love are the closest one can get of sharing it with someone else.


4 thoughts on “The Part And The Whole

  1. Miki says:

    Bom dia Mumulus!
    It has been a long time again since I came here… I regret it so much… but always when i come back, it is this extraordinary sensation to face real intelligence, beauty, sensitivity and honesty. I hope you don’t mind me saying that publicly, but it is simply the truth…
    I generally avoid crowds and all so-called social events. Not that I hate them, but most of the time they are wasted tome for me. When one sees me with people, one can think that I am very social, because I play my role very well, but inside, I just want to run away and be alone (with Kevin now!)! Kevin always wonders:
    “One would never think that you hate it!!!”
    I am glad that you have such a friend… they are quite rare, aren’t they?


    PS: nice intro with Heisenberg 🙂

  2. mimulus says:

    Hi, Miki! One could never tell that I hate it too :).
    Of course, if it’s something special like a concert, I don’t care about the crowd, it’s part of it.
    And I don’t want to criticize anyone, it’s just that I notice most of people prefer doing everything along with a group and some can’t do anything alone :).
    But you are an artist, it requires privacy moments to be creative and develop sensibility.

    Hugs and thanks for lovely words !

  3. Nomenclature says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Nomenclature.

  4. mimulus says:

    Hey, Nomenclature, thanks for visiting.
    Sometimes my mind is like a lost baloon.
    Poor visitors 🙂

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