Da Luv Thing and Shy People

I accidentally came to a site that contains advising for men about dating women.

I found this there:

“In some ways, women are a bit like Labradors: if you say the right things in an appropriate tone of voice, they’ll do what you want. Alternately, women also have the potential to be like caged lions, and if you piss them off and are dumb enough to stand around, they’ll rip your head off.”

Read more here.

I can’t disagree or agree with the statement above. It’s true sometimes. It reminds me of an english TV show where the instructor is a woman who teaches wives how to treat their husbands comparing them to dogs. First they train with the dogs and them start applying it at home with their husbands to improve communication in the relationship. It’s funny to see how it works. They have hidden cameras at the wives houses to show the evolution of each case. All the guys get very surprised when they get to know they were being treated like dogs [like a pet dog, of course].

For all the cases I found in the site for guys and also on the tv show [there’s been a time since I’ve seen it for the last time, it’s not in my cable pack now] the biggest problem is only one: COMMUNICATION.

Things said implicitly or through actions or signs can be misunderstood. I suggest keeping things simple, taking one step at a time, when you are really into the other side [oh, my God, who am I to say anything about it 🙂 ] .

I personally believe that if the guy never invites me for anything then he is not into me, even if his actions or signs show the opposite. Signs and actions can be so confusing specially if I’m into the guy also. I keep thinking: I’m seeing like this because that’s what I want or it’s really like this? Specially if the guy invites other girls out it gets more confusing.

I still think direct communication is the best action. Just invite for a cup of coffee and start talking. If talking goes okay something else may be suggested. That’s how I expect even the shyest guy to act: naturally and spontaneously like the man he is. What can be the risk of it?

And I have been very open to invitations lately and have got a few [none from the one I want though]. I haven’t gone much further than a cup of coffee, lunch or movies yet. It’s so good to have someone you can hang out with and talk about everything.

That’s me. I’d like to be like some female friends that I call “though skin”. They act so bold and so detached. They are not the fall-in-love type at all. But that’s not like I am. And I’m sure it would be disastrous if I tried :).


2 thoughts on “Da Luv Thing and Shy People

  1. Piraboy says:

    Honestly, I do hope that you further than a cup of coffee, lunch or movies. Oh yes, and “accidentally” too…

  2. mimulus says:

    Oh, my dear friend, I wish I were tough skin like you and other friends, that first go further and later [maybe] think about it 🙂 .

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