It takes disarming and receptiveness to understand what others have to say and learn what they may have to offer. Only what is empty can be filled. Only an open mind can learn.

I’d like to get rid of all my beliefs keeping only knowledge, and face everything that comes as totally new.

Experience helps to apply your knowledge but it can also block new ideas and great things that might be done.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, for most of people who remember the best times of their lives, those will be the ones when they decided to go for something having no fixed plans or ideas about what they would meet, no previous experience, only the knowledge each one has. For me it’s true. When you don’t have a previous plan or experience you open your mind to everything. And knowledge is never too much and can always be useful.

Of course we all need some financial support to survive. It’s better if we can count on it just in case. We have wills and intentions but nobody can make sure tomorrow will be as planned.

So, if we have a soul [this belief I can’t get rid of], we’d better go for what the soul can take.

 “The good traveller has no fixed plans. And is not intent on arriving.” Lao-Tzu 



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