This Sunday an old friend I hadn’t seen in the last 3 years came to visit me. He came back recently from abroad and we kept contact all this time, mainly through MSN, e-mail and phone calls.

He took the chance that he had to bring his sister to take an entrance examination at a university in the city and we spent the afternoon together in my apartment. He is now living with his 10 year girlfriend and has twins. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any excuse he could make up to come 🙂 . She is the jealous type and wouldn’t understand. And that’s his problem, not mine.

It was mother’s day here but I had already told my mom I’m going to visit her next weekend. Also we speak to each other on the phone everyday so that’s not mother’s day that will make any difference.

I had a rapid affair with him in the past and we remained friends since then. He is a delicious person to be with and when he was living and hugging good bye he told me: “You are the only woman I can talk to.”

I’m glad he sees me like that but my too-much-processing mind couldn’t help thinking about the kind of communication in which I’m a total disaster: non-verbal male-female communication. I’m sure I’m a disaster and the situation I’ve been in the last couple of years doesn’t lie about it 🙂 .

And I’m not comfortable to talk about it with anyone and don’t think friends could help much. I wish it were something I could just Google search and learn. Maybe I should try silence and stop being the talking friendly type, though it always end up happening spontaneously, to allow this non-verbal side to emerge [ I mean, if I have any ]. I don’t know…I wish…



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