Burning Out

Today I reviewed many past posts and deleted half of them.

It’s not only some facts that changed but also my way of perceiving them, which is very good.

Deleting them was more a symbolic act.


2 thoughts on “Burning Out

  1. Miki says:

    Bom dia Mimulus!
    You scare me a little bit now… deleting your old posts just because facts and perception changed? Have you not the feeling of deleting a part of your past doing that, even a part of yourself?
    For my part I find it fascinating to see how we change, and love to witness it. One more proof that we are alive!
    Concerning your posts, it makes me shiver to think that you deleted some, as they are always so great… it is for me the same as if I were destroying a painting…

  2. mimulus says:

    Hi, Miki!
    The posts I deleted were all about those things that affect us while happening but don’t matter after all 🙂 .
    The kind of writing that relieves at the moment but then becomes just silly writing. That’s why I got rid of them.
    I think we change states all the time but not the very essence. This is continuously formed during life. Like an art piece.
    Paintings are a more divine form of expression. Please, never destroy any of them 🙂

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