At many times we have intuitive thoughts, the kind that originates from deep inside and can’t be prevented by any external influence, related to a new idea or something that is happening to us, and then we abandon them based on our mental processes and external impressions. Then later these thoughts are proved to be right and thrown to our faces inevitably.

It happened to me many times as I’m a very intuitive person, though I sometimes give more consideration than I should to my mental processes and external impressions, which turns me to the wrong directions.

Lately  I’ve had a very strong thought that came intuitively. It didn’t come based on anything external or fact. It just came to my mind and remained. Despite of everything external to be indicating the opposite to happen I feel it very strong, which scares me a bit, it’s a good thought though.

If I live [ which I expect 🙂 ] I’ll see.


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