Desires and Misunderstanding

Recently I was talking to a friend about my changes in my diet and how I think it’s not possible to keep it forever without an exception sometimes, like eating pizza or something good to eat, not for health.

I was just mentioning but he replied: “That’s good that you invited me for having a pizza, I thought I might be boring you with my approaches.”

I WAS NOT inviting him for anything at all but as he is a nice friend, that’s okay. I wouldn’t be able to deny the invitation anyway, it would be so embarassing.

Then I was wondering how many times I might have done the same thing he did, just because I wanted so much that something happened.  I guess I did it many times indeed, though I was not aware of it by the time.

In situations involving strong emotions I see only what I want to see. And that’s not good at all.

There are things that I still want them very much to happen. I just don’t wanna get blind by emotions seeing opportunities where there’s nothing.


2 thoughts on “Desires and Misunderstanding

  1. Piraboy says:

    Finally something that ended in a pizza and with good results!


  2. mimulus says:


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