The Pregnant Man


My cable pack doesn’t include the channel where The Oprah Winfrey Show is exhibited :(.

I only could see some cuts of the interview at the site. And also the whole story told by the couple.

As it’s a totally unusual situation I was very curious about the couple.

By what I’ve seen, he seems a very sweet person. He was born a woman and have undergone transgender surgery years ago. Then he became a man under the law in US. He’s married to a woman who had two daughters from previous marriage and became unable to conceive again. Then, as he was biologically able to conceive they decided he would be the one pregnant. I was surprised that they look like a pretty normal couple, except for his pregnancy belly.

I know media has sensationalized it and it’s just the beginning.

I personally don’t have any strong opinion about it. I was very curious because I read about it all over the internet but couldn’t find any picture of them. I wanted to see how they look like.  

I’ve talked about it with a few co-workers and it’s funny to see people who usually say things like “No, I never judge anyone” condemning the couple and saying things like “this baby should never be born.  Most people are not judgemental until someone does something different :). And this is pretty different and new.

I’m a woman and don’t intend to change that. But I don’t care about how other people deal with their sexuality. It’s not my business at all.

I find it ridiculous to say if this is right or wrong. They can, they are doing it. That’s all. Why should I care?


6 thoughts on “The Pregnant Man

  1. Piraboy says:

    I’ve just tested it and my not official cable pack includes the channel!

    Rec, rec, rec, rec…


  2. mimulus says:

    Did you get it for me?

  3. pregnant man says:

    As for me a great couple! They wanted a baby – they’ve got it! And they have even become quite popular couple. What do you think?

  4. mimulus says:

    I was very curious. After the video I found him so sweet. I think they’ll be fine and must be very happy now :).

  5. vanessa gonzales says:

    he will be just fine

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