Majong Life

I love playing Majong. And situations in life are very similar.

All new situations start with a lot of possibilities for moving and they go narrowing depending on the moves you make. Some end up Well Done! and others just get to No Moves Left : ( .

The difference is you can always RESTART the game  🙂  .




  1. Hi dear!
    I used to play that game a lot!
    Love the analogy you’ve just made… never thought of that and you’re so right!
    I wish I could have the possibility to make some restarts in my life 🙂
    Can I play again, but now in a different way? On the other end, what a mess it would be!
    Big kiss

  2. mimulus Said:

    Hey, dear!
    Yeah, it would be crazy, specially if everybody decided to restart at the same time :).

    You know, a little after writing this I found on the internet that the chinese call it The Game Of Life. That makes a lot of sense, huh?

    Big kiss

  3. Piraboy Said:

    I believe that in LIFE you can also restart the “game” if you get to a “No Moves Left” situation. The difference between the real game and the real life is that in the GAME you have the chance to restart the same game and try it again. In LIFE, I think it’s more difficult (or should I say “impossible”?) to restart the same situation and give it another try.

    Aff, I must be getting crazy…


  4. mimulus Said:

    Yeah, you’re getting there :). Still far of my craziness of course 🙂 .


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