Personal Journal

I’ve told about this blog only to people I am really close to. And for a few friends I met on the blogosphere and with whom I found out much in common and who inspire me through their posts.

Though, there are things that I can’t expose. Even to myself it’s difficult to see them written. But one thing that helps me is writing about the way I feel. I don’t like papers because I may forget to get rid of them and it can be embarassing if someone finds by accident. So I decided to create a new tag – personal journal – password protected and just for those cases.

Sometimes I fall into pieces but I put them all together because I care about myself.

They usually don’t get the same shape they had before when they are put together again but I’m not made of glass. I’m strong and flexible.

As time passes by I get more aware of myself, my qualities and also my limits and difficulties. I get aware of the things I need to change and things I have to keep.

I believe my friends came to my life so we can remind one another of what we are able to and support each other. And some people pass by my life just to show me my limits and difficulties and to make me want to get over them. And those people will not necessarily be part of the changes, even when I wish they would. Though they play an important role on them indirectly.

I can’t improve everything that is needed at once. But I can take one small step forward at a time. I can set small realistic goals to be reached in a short time.

The personal journal will be part of this process.


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