Red Sofa For a Change

     There’s been a few weeks that I’m sleeping on the one and only small red sofa I have.
The first time was kind of accidental…I remained on the sofa because
I wanted to watch I don’t remember what on TV and when I woke up it was too
late to go to bed.

Sometimes I wake up and get aware that something is going on but only my
mind gets awake.

I can think but I can’t move a finger. There must be a very good reason
to make me move if I wake up in the middle of the night.

I think that’s why I go back to sleep so easily after something wakes me up.

One night right after I moved to this apartment I heard a noise coming
from the kitchen and recognized it was a bat. After being sure it was a bat
and knowing the bedroom door was closed I decided there was nothing I could
do but go on sleeping. And that’s what I did. The bat “stayed” with me, behind
the fridge, for two more nights until I found a solution [good for both sides,
it was kept alive 🙂 ].
I’ve found out the sofa doesn’t bring me the same thoughts
I have when I go to bed. And as my back hasn’t started to complain yet,
after showering and brushing my teeth I bring the pillow and blanket
to the sofa with TV on. I’m very sensible to physical sensations
and relate my emotional state to them.

I mean, if I get in the same physical sensations I kind of remember the way
I felt and start feeling again…such a crazy thing.

Anyway, it feels better on the sofa for a while, for emotional
reasons mainly, despite the bed being far more comfortable.

For the same reasons the new work place, with all its problems,
is like a relief from how I used to feel in some moments in the old place.
That’s a great thing I found out about me: I don’t need a big
change like a trip abroad, I can  feel better just by changing
a bit my environment and trying new sensations 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “Red Sofa For a Change

  1. Piraboy says:


    I wish Batman was behind your fridge…

    See you!

  2. mimulus says:

    Woo hoo! I would catch him from behind the fridge instantly and take him to bed with me. That’s a great reason to wake up in the middle of the night!

  3. Funny, I myslef could write that post for, at least, two reasons.
    First – once I had a bat in my room too… I notice him when I entered the room… first step I took inside the room and he was under my bare feet. YES, I step on him… Kreepy! Then he run away and hide underneath my pillow. Cause I was living alone I called my sister to come over my place and help me deal with Batman on my bed. I know, I know – what a chicken am I!
    Second – whenever I’m alone at home, when my bf stays at he’s place, I prefer sleeping on the sofa too, I don’t know why but probably is for the same reason as you.
    I guess we are definetelly and somehow a kind of soul mates
    eh eh eh 🙂

  4. mimulus says:

    We definitely have too much in common 🙂 !
    If it were the real Batman you wouldn’t have called your sister, I bet !


  5. Of course not… she’s already married!!!


  6. mimulus says:

    I leave the window open every night but Batman never came :).

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