Cover Girl Hair…

covergirl.jpg     … just for today :).

    I went to the hair stylist to apply keratin and got it styled after.

    It looks like a cover girl hair. I know it’s not gonna last this way but it feels so good.

    It’s supposed to get softer for a while with the product she used.

    It feels like I’ve borrowed someone else’s hair for one day :). 

    I wonder how good it must be having a hair stylist at your beck and call like celebrities do.

    By Monday the spell will already be broken. But it will look better anyway.

    A straight hair has the natural keratin distributed uniformly all over it. In wavy [mine is strongly wavy] and curly hair the distribution is irregular. So the product improves keratin distribution.

   All I know is I can’t get away from the mirror today 🙂 , like Narciso.


2 thoughts on “Cover Girl Hair…

  1. Piraboy says:

    Why women are NEVER satisfied with the way they look like?
    When I worked next to Mimulus, it was common to have this conversation in the beginning of the day:

    “Is my hair good today?”
    “To me, it sounds good.”
    “Sounds good? Then it’s not good and blábláblá…”

    I’ll never understand women.

  2. mimulus says:

    It looks much better now :).
    It’s still wavy but more stylished.

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