French tip for beginners

I didn’t get enrolled in any French course this semester as I intended to [ good intentions, road to Hell ].

But I’m studying the material I kept from when my sister was teaching me [elle parle trés bien français].

Also I was looking on the internet for something and found this excellent material from BBC. And the best thing is that it’s totally free. It has 24 units with videos, vocabulary, grammar and activities. It’s perfect for those with  some basic knowledge and also for those with intermediate level who want to practice a little. I’m already in the 9th unit and I’m doing fine.

This way, when I finally start a French course, I intend [ here I go again ] to get on a higher level than basic.

There are some professional stuff I should be studying but I’m not motivated for that at all. I’m much more interested and totally motivated for French and Culinary 🙂 .

Here it is:

Au revoir!


5 thoughts on “French tip for beginners

  1. Quand c’est que tu viens au Portugal ?
    T’oublies pas qu’en Juin nous avons un concert !
    Ensuite, nous pouvons donner un petit saut à Paris, pour mettre dans pratique tes leçons de Français.

  2. mimulus says:

    J’aimerais aller au concert avec vous ! Mais je dois étudier pour vous répondre la manière que je voudrais 🙂

  3. Piraboy says:

    Hey, both of you, don’t you know I hate French?
    Oui, oui, oui and AFF…
    Anyway, thanks for the tip, Mimulus!
    I’ve found out that the site is excellent not only for learning this disgusting language, but Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and more!

    See u around!

  4. Miki says:

    Bonjour Mimulus, quelle bonne nouvelle! You can count with my help whenever you need, ok?
    I was missing so much to write in French that I started a French blog some days ago:
    et j’ ai crié…
    Sorry for having interrupting the contact, my life has been difficult… but I didn’t forget you… Hug

  5. mimulus says:

    Hey, Mikki! Don’t worry about it.
    I really hope things work out fine for you from now on.


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