Hit the road, 2007 !

   I’m glad this year is ending. It was not a bad year but not one of my best for sure.

   The best of the latest years for me was 2004, many things changed for better in that year. 2006 was also a good one. Maybe the odd years are not good for me 🙂 . I don’t know, I only know it’s already time to have a great year again.

    This morning I was thinking of how many things I had to get over in life to get what I wanted and how strongly I did it. I am a strong woman. I may be very sensible and passional too, but I don’t let anybody or any situation bring me down. I must rescue that strength inside me. Maybe when things were really tough, dealing with material difficulties like when I was in the university, this strength appeared more easily. I need to remember always of that strength inside me to keep moving forward and for better. I must never forget what I’m able to do and to stand.

    By those times I was remembering, setting goals seemed easier than today and besides the will [which I had much]  all they needed was some material support.

    I’m not very ambitious materially. I’m not attached to the money. I recognize the importance of it, as a support for what I want in life. And I need more life. Intense life. Intense inside me. I need to try, try again what I did wrong repeatedly in life. Try it differently. Try always, better and differently.

    That’s my main goal now: give a different try for life.

    I’m also thankful that my family is doing good. Things are getting better for my sisters. And my parents, advanced in age, are there strong and happy.

    And I wish a smooth, sweet, joyful and happy 2008 for me and everybody else!




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