Precious People

      This year, at least in my neighborhood, there are very few windows decorated for Christmas. Last year I was living with two roomies and there were many windows decorated in the buildings all around our apartment.

      I like Christmas decoration and lights and I miss them around. I myself haven’t decorated my own so I can’t complain about others 🙂 .

      I’m going to spend Christmas with my family [ parents and sisters and cats 🙂 ] in my home town. They are fantastic to me. But it’s the first Christmas in years that I’m living alone again.

      Many people find this time of the year very sad. I don’t remember of getting sad because of it. For me it doesn’t make a difference. If I’m happy then I go on happy despite of these dates. And if I’m sad it doesn’t help much what time of the year it is. I just make an effort to think of good things on New Year’s Eve. I also do my best to make people around me to feel better on it too. I believe it attracts good things.

      People consider me very outgoing and it might be true, I get engaged in conversation with different people very easily and I think it’s positive. But I don’t get really close of someone that easy. And Christmas time is a good time to see how I am close only of very few people, despite of knowing hundreds. I’ve given my wishes of Happy Christmas to many of these people I know and I like them for sure. But there are a few, very close, that I haven’t sent any Christmas message yet. Those are my everyday friends. The ones I can talk at anytime without any formality.

      And also the ones who were around once but by life circumstances have gone to other cities or countries….and once we start talking again we still feel very close to each other…no matter how far they are. These are precious people I’ve met in my whole life and I wish the best for them all always, not only because it’s Christmas time.

     Also for the first time, thanks to blogosphere, I’ve met many interesting and kind people who live far away and I’ve never met personally [I’d love to], with whom I share these posts I only share with a few close friends.

     They’ve posted many things that are inspiring and comforting to me when I read, sometimes they make me laugh and many of them publish very beautiful images. I wish you all the best in life 🙂 and also Happy Holidays!


One thought on “Precious People

  1. Miki says:

    Very kind and touching entry, Mimulus! I feel I am a little bit like you… I easily speak to people, I like them quite a lot normally, but I don’t get easily really close to them, it is even very rare. I don’t need many friends, I have a wonderful family, I have my wonderful Kevin, and some net friends… but I DO enjoy to communicate, it is extremely important for me.
    Happy Holidays to you too, and Merry Christmas!

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