Mystic River

      Last night I intended to go to bed earlier to go to the office this morning.

      Then I just pressed the TV Guide key and Mystic River [ in Portuguese the title is About Boys and Wolves ] was just starting.

      I’ve seen it uncountable times, once at the movies and many other times on TV.

      I couldn’t turn the TV off knowing Sean Penn was there. I love that movie.

      There are a few movies that get out of the recipe muscles-explosions-special effects.

      When I like a movie or a song, I can never get enough of it.

      I’m getting an IsolationTimeExceeded signal but that was for a good reason.

      Two days in a row working from home sucks.

      I may take a walk in the neighborhood later. 


One thought on “Mystic River

  1. The Pira Boy says:


    I guess that the correct sentence would be “…in Portuguese the title is Sobre Meninos e Lobos.” Then, next you could write “Something like About Boys and Wolves”.

    I’ve never watched this movie, btw. Thanks for the tip.

    See u around,


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