Saint Therese of Lisieux


I was born catholic but there’s been some years since I stopped going to the church for several reasons.

I don’t believe in institutions and religions anymore.

Each one has its own relation with religion, it’s so personal that I don’t wanna explain what I think and feel about it. I can only say I don’t believe our lives are limited to this world.

Anyway, I believe in sanctity, there are some people that reach that status and see what most of people don’t.

My mother once gave me a rosary of Saint Therese of Lisieux and I have a sister who likes her very much and knows her story. I believe in her sanctity, not limited to the catholic meaning.

I’ve been through some problems my whole life and on Tuesday I decided to start a novena, after thinking of it and feeling sad.

I didn’t have the paper with the official prayer and just “talked” to the saint what was on my heart. That I believed she found out early what most of us don’t see in a whole life and that I believed she can help. I asked for her help and, in this novena, you ask to receive a rose as a sign that she can help you[it may be of paper, plastic, real, it doesn’t matter], and I asked.

The next day, my co-worker gave me some little roses, that she got in a wedding she’d been. At the time I didn’t connect things. When I arrived home I remembered. It was really special to me.

Those problems I’ve mentioned are very complicated and I’ve tried to solve them many times in my life, not successfully. They didn’t get any better yet. But I’m feeling really better after that. She gave me peace and faith and I’m grateful.



  1. The fish that never stops Said:

    No matter what you do, no matter where you go, the sign will come somehow. I remember that my mom used to pray now and then for Saint Therese (we had a picture of her in our kitchen) and her faith was so huge that sometimes I thought to myself “Jesus, my mother should be a saint”.
    If she were here, I would tell her what happened to you. And she probably would say, “Yes, She always gives you the sign”.
    So, ma cherrie, God bless you.

  2. mimulus Said:


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